The City of Electric Cars

Beating Seoul and Busan. Daegu is Korea’s ‘Leading City of Electric Cars’

Korea is known as one of the most innovative countries in the world, it is possibly because there is a large population living in a small country with the growth of excellent technology. Recently, Korea is hoping to become one of leading countries that uses electric cars. Comparing to other countries, Korea has a higher density of cars, there are a lot of advantages in establishing infrastructures for electric vehicles.


Among the cities in Korea, there is a city where leads electric vehicles. It is not the capital of Seoul nor the famous Busan, it is Daegu Metropolitan City, which is located in the middle of Korea.

Recently, Daegu was selected as the leading city for electric vehicles at the 2018 National Brand Competition. After supplying 200 electric vehicles in 2016, it has been recognized as a leading city grew of electric cars in just three years.



So, how does Daegu look like now?

Different to other cities, Daegu City has their own implemented policies. Building an electric vehicle city, the most concern is building vehicle chargers.To normalize electric vehicle chargers, Daegu Government had directly used the fund of city’s enterprises into the project. (It was a huge risk.)

As a result, chargers were installed in many parts of Daegu to solve inconvenience for electric vehicles users. In particular, public parking lots, gas stations and supermarkets which are frequently visited by citizens,. As of April 2018, there are now total 384 electric vehicles chargers in Daegu.


Because of this policy, you may see lots of electric cars in downtown Daegu. Electric cars are easily identified, there is also a taxi company has established as just using electric cars.

This year as to even more normalize electric vehicles chargers, Daegu city government is planning to install 100 more chargers in the city, by analyzing data to select a space where chargers can be highly used. In addiction, to minimize electric car drivers’ inconvenience, Daegu is planning to build Korea’s first electric car charging station.


Daegu government is planning to expand the production of electric vehicles from 1 ton trucks, public buses to private cars. Hoping to reach 50% of registered vehicles in Daegu, which is equivalent to 50 million of cars by 2030 as an environmental technological city.

We are looking forward to the future of Korea’s electric vehicle representative city — Daegu.

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