It only takes 2 hours from Seoul To Daegu

Majority of foreigners visiting Korea to begin their journey in Seoul, where the capital and all the exotic places gathered. Recently, travelers began to visit Daegu. It is called the city of textile or medical, Daegu is filled with things to enjoy and to experience. For travelers want to experience both cities, I would like to recommend this intercity travel course.



Hanok, the traditional Korean style houses, is one of the best places to feel the traditional beauty of Korea. Bukchon Hanok Village still preserves these houses of hundreds years before. You can also wear Korean traditional clothing to take pictures around the area.

Tip:  No entrance fee for palaces if you wear Korean traditional clothing 🙂

To enjoy the cityscape of Seoul, Namsan Seoul Tower is the place to visit ! Cityscape of day and night present unique experience. Locks of Love, the specialty of Seoul Tower, is a popular places for lovers, family or friends to ‘lock’ and maintain their relationships.



After fully enjoying Seoul, let’s depart to Daegu !  It takes an hour and 34 minutes on KTX train and about 3 and half hours on bus.


When dropping off at Daegu, head for Dongseongro to feel vigorous energy of the youth. As the center of fashion, Dongseongro is full with various fashion shops and clothing shop with department stores.

After visiting Dongseongro, what about visiting Kim Gwang Seok Street, the street of art and culture? For those who love taking pictures, sculptures and murals along the street, this will be the best place !



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