You don’t want to miss out these festivals in Daegu !

People from China, Japan and Thailand marched in the Colorful Parade that held in Daegu, South Korea. Worldwide fancy parades, attracts a lot of visitors, such as the Samba Festival in Brazil and the Notting Hill Carnival in England.  In Korea, there is a world-wide festival as well!  It is the Colorful Daegu Festival which is held every May in Daegu. This year, the festival was held on May 5 and I was there.

The Colorful Daegu Festival is famous here in Korea as Daegu citizens and foreigners gathered to participate in it. During the festival, several of programs held around the popular streets near Dong Seong-ro. Let me introduce you the festival more in details!


During the festival, hundreds of thousands of citizens and tourists visit the streets to enjoy the festival. There were various of events going on along the street where the parade marched. The event ‘The Street of Dominoes’ was introduced for the first time this year, was very popular within kids and families. The concept of bringing together and gather to give each other’s strength to form large patterns on the middle of the street. When knocking them down, kids and families cheered and shouted for joy. On the other streets, there were motor cars exhibited, kids got their faces painted, families and couples queuing in front of food trucks to get a taste of different countries’ food, laughters and smiles are seen along these streets.

‘Colorful Daegu Festival’ is a festival created by all different countries and different colors of people. The colorful parade started in the evening, was the main event of the day. Everyone started to be seated along the track so that they can get a better view of the parade. 4000 Daegu citizens had participated in the parade and marched about 2 km

This year, the number of foreign participating teams has increased. Daegu’s sister and friendship cities came over to participate in the event, cities from countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam and Russia. Every team had prepared special dances while wearing traditional costumes and carrying props.  In particular, Daegu’s sister city, Ningbo from China, performs the famous dragon dance which is the national cultural heritage with 800 years of history, and the dance team from Nagoya, Japan, also featured with unique costumes and dance, which attractive lot of spectators’ applause.

During two days of the weekend, the highlight of the festival is the ‘City Night’ event which lasted for the last hour or so. People crowded and danced to the beats with rhythm in the middle of the street where the parade was held. The city center turned into an EDM club and ended the festive.



Daegu is a lively city, full of fun and holding special festivals every month. Next week ‘Lantern Festival’ will be held from May 15 to 19. Compared to the lantern festivals in all over the world, this Daegu’s Lantern Festival is also one of the hugest and most beautiful festival! More in July, we are looking forward to the Chi-Mac Festival, which got viral through a famous Korean drama. Chi is for Fried chicken and Mac is for Beer in Korean. It is one of the combinations Koreans love to enjoy.\


Lantern Festival


Chi Mac Festival

It is most convenient to visit Daegu via Daegu International Airport or by KTX from other cities. Get off at East Daegu Station if you travel on express train and it takes about two hours from Seoul and 50 minutes from Busan.

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