The New Heart of Korea

In this post, I am  introducing you the urban transportation in Daegu.  If you know all of this, you are probably the master of Daegu transportation !

Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel information website, has said that when you travel Korea you should travel with public transportation. Real-time train arrival information, Wi-Fi connection on trains, heating and cooling systems, and multilingual guidance for travelers. Not only Trip Advisor, world major media CNN has also praised Korea’s urban transportation culture. Tourists will also be comfortable and travel easily with the well developed urban transport system.

In Korea, aside from Seoul Metro, Daegu Metropolitan City is also famous for its well developed urban transportation. Daegu is the third largest city in Korea after Seoul and Busan, the world’s 84th city has its own metro system and it is even cleaner than Seoul’s metro. In addition, Daegu Metro did not cause any death or casualties in the past five years, receiving a Grade 1 earthquake safety index and recorded as the Korea’s best metro system that has the highest customer satisfaction index for 10 consecutive years. Don’t you want to know more about what Daegu’s metro system is like?


There are three metro lines running in Daegu. If you are planning to travel Daegu today or for those of you who are interested, we are going to introduce each metro line and the main tourist spots on each line in the following.

Purchase tickets and prices

First, you have to buy a ticket to board on the Daegu city railway. Are the tickets expensive? You don’t have to worry about it. Although Daegu Metropolitan Railway offers the best facilities, it is the cheapest metro in Korea. You have to pay additional fee in Seoul or Busan but in Daegu, it only costs a uniform price of 1,400 Korean won.


When you purchase a ticket on any ticketing machines, select a destination and ticket will be issued. Then the ticket purchase procedure is done. Tourists often take photos of the ticket and posts it on social networking sites because the ticket is a round and cute token. This token is the best design of a form of ticket as it doesn’t damage or get folded when you chuck it in your bag or pocket, it is able to use more than 10 million times as well. A cute and tiny coin has the best design. This is why some of the tourists carry the token away as a souvenir but actually you have to return after using it.

Metro Line 1 thats connects Daegu’s major tourist attractions directly from East Daegu.

Metro Line 1 extended from East Daegu Station, runs from the southwest to the east of the city. You can take Line 1 from East Daegu Station and get off at Banwoldang Station to go to the most popular street Dongseong Road. The name Banwoldang, was the name of Daegu’s first ever department store, it was always crowded as it was the center of Daegu.


Other than Dongseong Road, Line 1 has various of famous spots like the Apsan Park Observation Deck, Apsan Café Street and Anjirang Gopchang Street where you can enjoy a wide range of attractions and foods. These three places can be reached if you get off at Anjirang Station on Line 1 without worrying about the traffic and we suggest you to spend a day to have a look at these places.

Metro Line 2, which brings you on a tour of all landmarks in Daegu.

The Line 2 of the Daegu Metro runs from the west to southeast side of the city. You can even take a road trip to Gyeongsan, North Gyeongsang Province which is right next to Daegu.


Especially on Line 2, you are able to visit the main landmark of Daegu. Getting off at Doryu Station, you are able to go to 83 Tower, which is also frequently shown on Korean TV programs. And getting off at Daeshil Station, you are able to see The Arc by the world-famous architect, Hani Rashid.

Metro Line 3, Sky Rail in Daegu

Daegu Metro Line 3 runs from the north of Daegu to Jung-gu which is a mono rail train.

It is also called ‘Sky Rail’ as well as Line 3. Getting on Line 3 will be great to view the city of Daegu. The train runs without a driver so you are able to be in the very front and have a view of a operator of the train.

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Along Line 3, you can visit Daegu’s representative market, Seomun Market. Seomun Market is a Korean traditional market in the day. But when it gets dark it transforms to a tourist night market. Don’t forget to visit these places when you are in Daegu! !

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