Canola Blossom in Daegu

Although Spring has almost gone. Let me show you the Canola flowers in Korea.
They were in full blossom in HaJungdo, which was located in Daegu, Korea. One of Daegu’s popular places, HaJungdo, was all covered with full bloomed Canola flowers. Tourists are crowded to take photos with the spring flowers.

2018하중도 (3)

Hajungdo had planted yellow Canola flowers across 98,500 m2 of land, painting the entire island into yellow, which made me feel like i am in a yellow ocean. Daegu government has also prepared flower-shaped and heart-shaped photo zones for tourists to have more fun when people visit.It is popular to upload photographs of the Canola flowers especially on the internet on Facebook and Instagram.

2018하중도 (10)

Quite a lot of tourists came with cameras and took pictures of the Canola blossom. Brought Koreans and foreigners together to have fun, to enjoy the spring flowers in HaJungdo.

2018하중도 (12)

To visit Daegu, you can enter Korea through Daegu International Airport or travel by KTX. Get off at East Daegu Station if you travel by KTX, it takes about 2 hours from Seoul and 50 minutes from Busan.

To visit HaJungdo, it takes only 20 minutes away by car from East Daegu station.

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