Colorful Festival In Daegu

Daegu’s world event ‘Colorful Festival’!

Every May, Daegu becomes upbeat and lively because this Colorful Festival, Korea’s largest contest festival! It held on  May 5 to 6 this year. If you are planning a trip to Korea next time! Why don’t you visit Daegu in time for this festival?

‘Colorful Daegu Festival’ is famous for the participation of Daegu citizens. During the festival, various programs will be performed and centered in Dongseong Road. People from all over the world travel from Seoul to come to have fun in the event.


It is a colorful festival created by people from all countries with different backgrounds and I was told that the name of this Colorful Festival is to express the concept of colorful, young, and energetic within the city of Daegu!   In particular, the main program ‘Colorful Parade’ is an event involves more than 4,000 Daegu citizens. The parade started at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday (May 5), marched approximately 2km from Seoseong intersection to Jonggak intersection.


This year, there were more overseas teams participated. Daegu’s 8 sisters cities from 4 countries : China, Japan, Vietnam, and Russia, prepared to participate in the parade by showing traditional clothes, dances, and props.

The highlight of the Colorful Daegu Festival will be the ‘City’s Street Night’ program, which runs in the last hour on both days as the finale. A large dance party in town, turned a quiet night in the city into a young and lively EDM club right in the center of Daegu.


Variety of programs are also available for Koreans and overseas tourists. There will be a lot of artists’ hand-made crafts and lifestyle goods selling in ‘Colorful Art Market’ at the Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park. As well as local goods from different cities and programs of making traditional clothes and handicrafts.

Next, Street Food. We have the largest scale of food trucks, involving more than 60 food trucks from 8 cities in Korea. Steak, Takoyaki, handmade hamburger, lamb skewer, you will are able to taste the flavors from Western and Eastern countries.


The most convenient way to visit Daegu is through Daegu International Airport or KTX. get off at East Daegu Stationg  it takes only two hours from Seoul Station and 50 minutes from Busan Station.

Dont forget to check the dates for next year’s Colorful Festival in Daegu !


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